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Go Opera

HELLO, welcome to GO OPERA’s website. Perhaps you’re wondering what we’re all about. This blog will feature regular production updates, a little cultural commentary and a brief introduction to our cast, crew and directorial team.

GO OPERA is a hopeful, young collective. Creative producers Elly Condron and Dominic Kraemer have brought together a team of exceptional technical talent. GO OPERA believes that there are new audiences for the opera. Our productions will last no more than 90 minutes. Our productions will be affordable. They will take place beyond the confines of conventional establishments, in places only of our own making. As we construct, dramatise and perform operatic fiction in the cultural margin, we aim to dismantle prevailing misapprehensions about an art form we find utterly intoxicating, transgressive and beautiful.

On these pages we’ll be writing about all aspects of our production process: how our architects hope to erect our transient performance space, the keen engagement of our excellent musicians and how each of the collective views the current work within the wider creative context. We’ll be looking specifically at how our piece engages with La Traviata’s history as well as how our operation functions in London’s current cultural and political climate.

Our first production, GO TRAVIATA, is a streamlined version of Verdi’s masterpiece which follows the life of a Parisian courtesan trying to cope with complex emotions and the harsh blows that life has dealt her. Free up your diaries for one of the following dates:

June 1st-4th, 10th and 11th.