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What a Folly!


This Friday 24th June, GO OPERA is proud to announce that they will be teaming up with the creators of last year’s hugely successful Cineroleum project to perform a short excerpt of GO TRAVIATA at the opening night of their Folly for a Flyover Festival!

Check out this June/July's must-see event!

The wonderful people at Folly for a Flyover will host a six week programme of cinema, performance and play, including boat tours, screenings and drop-in workshops,  produced by Assemble CIC in conjunction with CREATE 2011 and The Barbican Art Gallery.

GO has also joined forces with filmmaker Tom Chick, who will be providing a custom-made, cinematic translation to accompany the performance.

We are so excited to be able to return to The Wick so soon after the final performance of our as it proved to be (as we suspected it would) such a fertile and creative stomping ground for new and exciting events. Without a shadow of a doubt, Folly For a Flyover will prove to be up there with some of the best, most varied and interesting projects to see there this summer.

So get on down there!


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